Leadership Updates at Pinnacle Community Services

After leading the organization for several months as Interim Co-Chief Executive Officers, Sara-jane Carella and Kelley Swann have received promotions to reflect their capacities as leaders of Pinnacle Community Services.

Carella, who has been with the agency for 34 years, most recently held the position of Vice President of Business. In March, she was appointed as Chief Financial Officer, wherein she will apply her executive level skills in the areas of business operations and financial services, reporting and oversight to further Pinnacle’s mission: “Side by Side, Step by Step…We strengthen our community by supporting and empowering individuals and families on their journey.”   

Swann, formerly Vice President of Programs, has served the agency for nearly 6 years. She also serves as the Compliance Officer. As of March, she has held the role of Chief Operations Officer. With a teamwork philosophy and a trauma-informed approach, she will lead Pinnacle as its programming grows to fit the needs of the community.

Additionally, Justin King joined the Pinnacle family as Vice President of Development and Communications in March. He brings a wealth of experience in nonprofit fundraising and leadership to the agency.

Sara-jane Carella – Chief Financial Officer,

Kelley Swann – Chief Operations Officer

Justin King – Vice President of Development and Communications