Below you will find descriptions and criteria for the 2021 Gala Awards. Please read through these before submitting your nomination. 

Peggy Addoms Volunteer Service Award
Given in honor of Peggy Addoms, a member of the Board of Directors from 2000 to 2015, this award is given in recognition of outstanding volunteer service on behalf of Pinnacle Community Services. This award is given to a volunteer or group who demonstrate the following-
1. Demonstrate dedication to the agency through sharing of their time and talents.
2. Contribute to the agency without seeking recognition for themselves.
3. Give of themselves above and beyond what is expected in their role.
4. Do whatever they can to support the efforts of the staff to fulfill the mission of the agency.

Staff Leadership Award
The Staff Leadership Award is given to an employee who has provided at least one year of service to Pinnacle Community Services and who has been identified as one who has demonstrated a high degree of competence, dedication and meets some or all of the following criteria:
1. The individual goes above and beyond what is asked or expected of them.
2. The individual takes on unplanned or additional tasks willingly.
3. The individual gives back to the Organization and community their knowledge, caring dedication and resourcefulness.
4. The individual contributes to a positive work environment by their positive attitude and consideration of their staff.
If no one is nominated who truly meets the criteria, the award will not be given.
The number of nominations one person receives will not be used as criteria; however, all information received will be utilized.

Journey Award
This award recognizes an individual who has overcome obstacles to reach his/her personal goals, who is an inspiration to others and who has given back to the community.
1. Recipient is a current or former client of FACS. If a current client, it is important that receiving the recognition will not adversely affect their current services.
2. Recipient has demonstrated significant progress in regards to the challenges that brought them to FACS.
3. Recipient serves as an inspiration to others and as a role model for others who may be facing similar challenges.
4. Recipient has made a positive contribution to the community. This could take a variety of forms and does not have to be a contribution that has generated significant accolades. It can be a simple but meaningful contribution.
Recipient’s progress must be reasonably consistent to ensure that the gains they have made are relatively long-lasting. If no one is nominated who reflects the criteria, the award will not be given.

Gerald J. Kozak Community Partnership Award
The Gerald J. Kozak Community Partnership Award is presented to an individual or group whose work in the community enhances the lives of individuals and families. Recognizing that none of us can do this work alone, these partners provide services and support that nurture collaboration, while making positive contributions to our community. The criteria for this award are as follows: 1. The Nominee is helping to address an important area of community need.
2. The Nominee demonstrates an impact that is making a positive difference for individuals and families.
3. The Nominee exemplifies the values of compassion, helping others and empowerment in their activities and services.
4. The Nominee is a partner to Pinnacle Community Services, and shares in the mission of strengthening our community through collaboration.