Pinnacle Community Services; Formerly Family and Children’s Service of Niagara.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change your name?

There were a few major factors involved in our name change:

  1. Confusion as to who we serve -“Family” & “Children” wasn’t inclusive of everyone we serve, and when people only saw those two words, they many times dismissed that our agency can help them if they don t feel they fall into those categories.
  2. Location-“Niagara” in many ways is still associated with Niagara Falls alone vs. the entire county. We also provide service in Orleans County through our Healthy Families Program, and we serve many individuals from Erie County at Passage House and Casey House. While Niagara County is our home base, human services are becoming more ‘regional’, and we found it important to plan for that.
  3. Family & Children’s was very similar to other agency names, and to that of government agencies, causing confusion for donors, funders, community partners, and individuals receiving services.

Why Pinnacle?

The word “pinnacle” is defined as “the best or most important part of something; the highest point or level; the most successful point; the highest point of development or achievement.” These definitions are important for two reasons-first, many individuals and families we work with tell us they are looking to grow, to reach their highest point. Secondly, we strive to provide the highest level of services to you! Together, we create “Pinnacle!”

Why “Community Services?”

It is important for us to be inclusive. In the past, many people thought we only served families or children, but actually, we serve everyone! The new name hopes to ensure people know that all individuals, as well as families, are served, from infants to adults in our community!

Will things look different?

Yes! We have a new logo, so our brochures, signage, and materials will look a little different. We have a new website – Also, when you call our main phone number, there is now a recording introducing the new agency name. You are able to enter your desired phone extension, or just wait on the line for our receptionist.

What changes for the people we serve?

Nothing! Individuals receiving services will have the same worker and receive the same services. All we changed was our name! Services are still provided just like they always have been.





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