Striving for a healthier life for the individual and the community.

About Us

Pinnacle Community Services provides a wide range of inter-related services to the residents of the Niagara region. Our services assist people at every stage of the life cycle: expectant parents to parenting the young child; family help during the teen years; and help for youth and adults dealing with mental health or other chronic illness, domestic violence or the everyday stress of life.

We define “family” as those, whether by birth, by choice or by circumstance, we as individuals are connected to by culture, tradition, shared experiences, emotional commitment or mutual support. Each of us is molded by those around us; they are our family. As a family service agency, we recognize that help and healing for each individual occur within this personal network of relationship.

Our job is to help people help themselves. We provide a positive relationship with a caring professional to help people strengthen connections to others, fix what is broken and repair what is damaged leading to a healthier life for the individual and a healthier community.




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